Dr. Larry Schwartz

I am a physician who has been athletically active my whole life. I have always had a passion for skiing, tennis, hiking and more recently, bicycling. I originally went to Scott at PinPoint Fitness for injury rehabilitation, because I wanted not only to speed recovery, but also prevent future problems. Scott started me on a strength and conditioning program involving rehabilitative stretching that over the past year-and-a-half has revolutionized my athletic life. I am skiing with more power, speed and endurance than I ever have done in my 50 years in the sport. My biking also has never felt better, as I am climbing hills more easily than before. In addition, I am looking fitter and leaner.

Scott’s incredible attention to proper form and technique as well as his unique stretching methods give me the confidence that I will get stronger, without any risk of injury during my workouts or engaging in my various activities. My weight is down lower than it has been in years and I’m stronger than I have ever been. I am enjoying sports participation more than ever, and I have Scott and PinPoint Fitness to thank.

Dr. Larry Schwartz, 61 years old

I have always been interested in working out but was never successful until I met Scott. I never thought I would be so engaged with my workouts but now I love exercising and I have the results I wanted. Scott is also an amazing trainer and even better person.

Jeff Beauvais

Scott has been training me for the past 3 months and I’m overall impressed with the progress I’ve made because of him. He is very patient and honestly wonderful with all the information he’s giving me about conditioning, eating healthy, and building a balanced between fitness and food.

Prior to finding Scott, I had no muscles, weak, battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from a blood condition I was born with. I was also at risk for osteoporosis, always out of breath, and in pain because I had no strength for my body to hold itself up.

I worked 24/7 from home and constantly sat in a desk for 10-12 hours per day.

1 month & 20 sessions later: I began seeing my strength build up, no sciatic nerve pain, and was consistent with working out.

2 months & ~40 sessions in: I’m seeing my physique change, I started seeing more progression in my muscles, felt my confidence boosting, and breathing easier.

I will continue my sessions with Scott because he hit all the criterias and goals that I set for myself. He is observant, motivates you to keep moving forward, constantly fixing my form to avoid injuries I can’t afford to have, and reminds me to breathe so that I don’t pass out. (Lol)

Pinpoint fitness is also very clean, has all the equipment you need, and easy parking.

Lily Chanta
Phil T

I’ve been training with Scott for two years and I’m now in the best shape of my life. I’m leaner and more muscular than I’ve ever been. His knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to motivate are superb; Scott pushes me well beyond what I could do alone and ensures that my form is correct for every exercise. In addition to strength training, Scott has continually offered sound nutritional advice, which has been vital to reaching my goals. I have consistently lowered my body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass. He takes his work very seriously and that equals a training experience and results that I’m very happy with.”

Phil T., 33 years old
Dr. Ron Blumenfeld

When I retired three years ago, I started training with Scott of PinPoint Fitness with the idea of maintaining fitness. I’ve achieved much more than that! With Scott’s focus on technique and injury prevention, my strength, endurance, and flexibility are markedly improved, and I’m even eating better. It has also helped me immensely in all my athletic pursuits. I look forward to many more years of biking, tennis, hiking, and rafting.

Thanks, PinPoint Fitness!

Dr. Ron Blumenfeld, 66-year-old retired pediatrician and activity enthusiast
Owen and Tara-Cook Littman

My wife and I met Scott more than four years ago. We are both avid runners, and decided to work out with Scott to help build strength as a complement to our cardio workouts. What we both noticed right away about Scott is how knowledgeable he was and how focused he was on making sure we were using the proper technique—both to be efficient in our workouts and to prevent injuries. He tailored our workouts when we decided to run the marathon a few years ago to help us build strength and flexibility in our legs. I'm happy to say that my wife and I both ran great marathons and had a very short recovery time afterwards! The increase in strength has also helped in our other athletic activities while keeping our body fat levels down.

Thanks, Scott and Pinpoint Fitness!!

Owen and Tara-Cook Littman: Attorneys and Nutritional Activists
Anthony Clericuzio

We brought Anthony to PinPoint Fitness 1-and-a-half years ago, hoping his workouts would make him a better hockey player. We never imagined the results that would come and how fast they would happen. When Anthony first came to PinPoint Fitness he was playing on a tier 3 hockey team; it was toward the end of his season. Only six months later during his tryouts he was asked to play on a tier 1 team. We were all very pleased, no one more than Anthony. He is now excelling on his tier 1 team. He skates faster and more explosively than we could have asked for. He is stronger and more confident than ever. We look forward to great things from him.

Mr. and Mrs. Clericuzio; mother of Anthony Clericuzio, 14-year-old youth hockey player

Over the years, I worked with several trainers, and it was when I started working with Scott Shapiro that things really started to click. Most of my issues stemmed from past sports-related injuries and corrective surgeries in my 20’s and 30’s. Now in my mid-60’s, Scott focused on strengthening my core, proper form, flexibility, and the types of movements/exercise needed to target problem areas – not to mention, the importance of healthy nutrition. Scott’s patience, extreme personal fitness knowledge, and understanding of my personal needs/issues were critical to my success. He was able to continually encourage and motivate me (even when I did not feel like it – ultimately, regaining my appreciation for a planned, systematic, workout with proven results. Whether it is training a client or mentoring other trainers, I believe the single greatest characteristic that distinguishes Scott as a leader in the personal training field is his heartfelt and self-evident sense of caring for you, his client. That said, if Scott is willing to take you under his wing, you are in for a life-changing journey – so, do your part and enjoy the ride!

Darryl Macpherson

Having recently moved to Fairfield, I didn't have any local friends to help me on my quest for a personal fitness trainer. And so I turned to my good old friend Google and chanced upon Scott/Pinpoint (like you are probably doing now). I jumped in with a leap of faith and ain't I glad I did!

Scott is everything the other reviewers have mentioned and more - knowledgeable, accommodative, absolute stickler for form, 100% focused during sessions and relatable. The gym is well maintained and has a good variety of machines conducive to varied forms of exercise.

I still have a long path ahead to reach my personal fitness goals but I love the mini-challenges Scott throws at me to keep me motivated, not to mention the good natured banter that makes every session interesting!

Vijay Ramesh

Scott is all about form- to maximize the workout, prevent injury, and get the best results. The gym is meticulously clean and fully stocked with everything you need. Scott is a true professional and you are in good hands with him as your trainer. The experience is worlds above the big, crowded, impersonal gyms in town.

Jeffrey Levitt

PinPoint Fitness is top notch! Scott is an incredibly knowledgeable and professional personal trainer. He will work with you to find convenient times to come for sessions and you have this modern clean facility with more equipment than you could ever use all to yourself during private one on one sessions. Scott's years of study and experience in the field are clearly evident from your very first session. He emphasizes and teaches proper form to maximize your results in the gym while making sure you are always safe and avoiding injuries. Scott also is very skilled at helping rehab injuries you have previously suffered by incorporating specific exercise regimens, formal stretching, and educating you about nutrition. Do something positive for yourself and start training with Scott at PinPoint Fitness!

Se Me

Scott is an extraordinary personal trainer and fitness coach. His depth of experience and knowledge have brought a wealth of insights and information to my workouts. He has also taken great care to ensure proper form and protection from injury. In the time I’ve been training with Scott I have made significant gains. He’s also an all-around fantastic guy and makes even the most arduous sessions fun. Can’t recommend him enough!!

Justin Brunetto

I used to work out at various gyms in the Fairfield area for years. Then I got sick — cancer. It robbed me of my muscle mass and energy. I’m happy to say I’m on the road to recovery & a big part of that is Scott. He’s been so encouraging which I’ve really needed. He keeps me motivated and believing that I can succeed & put muscle back on. And I am — it’s working! Scott is an excellent trainer & works with you, at your pace, but he will push you when you need it. He explains exercises very clearly & I’m convinced he can help ANYone from those who need rebuilding (like me) to those aspiring to go beyond their perceived limits. Really clean, well-equipped gym too. Highly recommend.

Elaine Corwin

Really enjoy my experience at PinPoint Fitness. Scott is very attentive to proper form which is so important for me (I have chronic lower back problems). I have gained strength and lost weight - my two goals!

Bruce Lee

Scott Shapiro, owner of Pinpoint Fitness, has been an important part of my continuing recovery and strength building after a struggle with Lyme disease. He does not just train; he educates and develops the correct program for your needs.

When I first began training with Scott, there were days I could not lift an ounce, had no energy and could barely stretch myself out. I had absolutely no motivation and it took a whole lot to drag myself to the gym. I am so glad I did, as of today, I am stronger than I have ever been and it makes a huge difference in my daily life. I look forward to my sessions. I have more energy, walk with a bounce in my step and my strength and endurance have vastly improved. Scott is patient, knowledgeable, and humorous and he gets results. I would highly recommend PinPoint Fitness personal training to get you on your way to a healthier, happier, stronger you.

Suzan Diaz Weston, CT

Highly recommended; Over 10 years training with Scott, he is highly knowledgable and professional, have had great results. Gym is super convenient, clean, private. Great place to de-stress and get a solid workout. Added bonus: Scott is a walking encyclopedia for movies / streaming and always has great suggestions.

James Kavetas

Scott is an exceptional and experienced trainer who takes the time to help you learn exercises the right way--safely for your body and for maximum effectiveness.

Mike J

Scott is phenomenal. If you haven't worked with him, you should give him a call. When it comes to one-on-one training, he tailors all workout programs to your specific health and fitness needs to achieve your goals with safe and effective techniques! My son has Autism and he is able to get on the treadmill. The facility is large, private and very clean. Pinpoint Fitness get an A+ in my book!

Susi de Moura

I brought my son to Scott for strength training coming off a serious knee injury. It was after his rehab a little over two years ago. My son thrived in the private setting and with the much needed individual attention. Scott is very knowledgeable about fitness and personalized his workout around his rehabilitation. To increase his flexibility, break up scar tissue and increase his strength. His performance has steadily improved. Scott is also a caring person; Scott and my son formed a wonderful bond based on trust and a joint passion for movies.

Julia D. of Fairfield: Mother of Willie, 16-year-old Pitcher for Fairfield Warde H.S.

I can't say enough positive things about Pinpoint Fitness. When I first visited Scott I was contemplating joint replacement for a deteriorating knee. After a year of proper and carefully supervised training, I am mostly pain free. I have learned the value of proper form, and the importance of stretching and nutrition to reaching my fitness goals. Scott is incredibly knowledgable about how our bodies work, and the benefits of that knowledge applied to his customized training program cannot be overstated.

Susan Creavin

Highly recommend Scott! Never considered weight training until a friend recommended it after my third child, and I can't believe how great it has been for me. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. It has helped my tennis too and just overall feels great. Scott has a a nice private space with a bunch of cardio options. I can watch my favorite shows while I'm working out either before or after my session. This set up and Scott's coaching has helped me fit exercise into my busy life.

Jessica Levitt

Highly recommended (and, in fact, I've recommended Pinpoint to several of my friends). Scott really knows his stuff and tailors his training to each individual's goals. (Definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach.) He really cares about his clients and goes the extra mile. He's very flexible with his scheduling. Also, his gym is very well-equipped and clean.

Jason Brenner

Scott is a highly experienced and meticulous personal trainer. I appreciate his attention to detail when it comes to strength training. Scott always focuses on making sure exercises are done with proper form for maximum results and most importantly, to avoid injury. Our family enjoys the casual and personal atmosphere of Pinpoint Fitness. I can say after working out with Scott for a full year that I feel stronger in my 40s than I have ever felt in my life. Highly recommend training with Scott!

Kerry Tolisano

I started training with Scott as a last ditch effort to repairing the damage that decades of running had done to my body. To be honest my expectations were fairly low having gotten nowhere with other doctors, chiropractors and trainers. But he listened to what my problems were and used a scientific based approach to help get things turned around. At 55 years old I’m running better than I thought was possible and the pain I was dealing with has been drastically reduced. I'm very fortunate a friend recommended Scott.

Robert Gallace

I have been working out with Scott for over 10 years! Scott is a true expert at what he does and I love how much he knows about and focuses on proper technique to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. Scott’s expertise is a big reason why I knew that when my teenage son decided he wanted to work out, Scott was the best choice. My son has been working out with Scott for almost 6 months and is loving it! Highly recommend Scott as a personal trainer for all ages!!

Owen Littman

Scott is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable in his work. I have had more than a few sessions and already feel so much stronger. It is a lifestyle. I would not hesitate to reach out to Scott for a 2nd. Susan Kane

Susan Kane
Experienced trainer with a solid and well maintained suite of equipment
Justin Barclay