Personal Training Services

PinPoint Fitness is a personal training studio that designs and implements individualized programs for its clients—“Personal Training Designed for Your Individual Needs”. Those needs may entail weight loss, general fitness, sport-specific training, increased lean muscle mass, improved core strength, functional training, flexibility enhancement, increased aerobic capacity, cardiovascular conditioning, or muscular endurance. Whichever fits your needs, there is nothing more important than increasing your quality of life!

A better quality of life can mean many different things to different people.

  • You may be looking to lose some weight for health concerns.
  • Cut some time off your half-marathon, for some healthy competition with your friends.
  • Tone and shape up to fit into your clothes better and increase your confidence.
  • Have an easier time walking up and down stairs with no huffing, puffing or leg pain.
  • Improve your performance on the tennis court or any other physical activities in which you engage.
  • Have more strength to carry around your baby while performing your everyday tasks.
  • Developing more endurance & power on the slopes, that double black diamond is calling your name.
  • Increase your energy and stamina to play basketball in the backyard so you don’t miss out on the enjoyment of your children.
  • To look better in that swimsuit for the summer or that next vacation getaway.
  • No matter what your stage in life and no matter what you’re looking to achieve, at PinPoint Fitness we will help you reach your objectives and improve upon the quality of life you are currently living.

At PinPoint Fitness we focus not only on working out, but also the proper form to maximize your benefits and efficiency while minimizing the risk for injury.

Do it right!Our unique philosophy and training application delivers goal-oriented results in a safe, methodical, and effective way. We believe that a commitment to improving your general fitness is most effective when, with our personal trainers’ guidance, you work at “not just doing it . . . but doing it right”!!!!

We also offer sound nutritional advice based on science, facts, and common sense! No fad diets or extreme methods, no urban myths or old wives’ tales. We will teach you about nutrition so you learn how to eat for a fitter and healthier you.

We specialize in a unique type of stretching and flexibility enhancement.

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). This passive/aggressive style of stretching allows the body to safely stretch further and more efficiently, thereby increasing flexibility and reducing risk for injury and muscle strains. PNF also has pre/post rehabilitative properties, as it is often used after surgery to speed up recovery while increasing flexibility while breaking up scar tissue. It also has the potential to help injuries heal to avoid surgery and chronic pain down the road. Additionally, PNF can be used for maintenance of chronic issues such as lower back pain, rotator cuff issues or knee pain.