“Diet” is a four-letter word!

Proper nutrition and exercise is how to lose weight - not necessarily eating less, but eating smart and healthy. Fad diets that drastically restrict your calorie intake tend to work in the short term. In the process they can often slow down your metabolism and cause the wrong kind of weight loss (lean muscle tissue). This, in turn, can have a yo-yo effect, eventually causing you to gain the weight back and potentially more, while having a negative effect on your body composition.

Balance in Fitness, like everything in life is important:

All components of Fitness should be paid attention to and worked at properly. Muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, aerobic capacity and muscular strength are all important. A program that encompasses all these components provides you with the best chance of success in reaching your fitness goals, to ensure a healthier and happier you.

Flexibility and stretching are the most overlooked components of Fitness.

Proper stretching to increase and maintain your flexibility will help all the other aspects of fitness. As well as helping avoid, prevent and overcome injury. A stretching routine will help you feel better, look better and help with those nagging injuries (i.e. lower back pain, etc.)

Sometimes less is more!

That can pertain to all aspects of your training and nutrition. It’s quality not quantity that will help you reach your health & fitness goals. Overtraining can lead to negative progress, such as injuries, lack of intensity and less energy during your workouts. Drastic reduction of your calorie intake can lead to a slower metabolism and increased % of body fat in the long term.